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How you can help.

Donations are vital to keeping our doors open for those in need. However, donations need not be monetary; volunteers are always welcome, as are donation of goods and services in kind. Please donate in any of the followings ways:


Financial Contribution

Your donation to Dana’s House, Inc. (a 501c3 corporation) can truly make a difference in the life of a child. For a one time monetary donation please click the pay pal link provided below.




Print the Donation Form and return to:

Dana’s House, Inc.

P.O. Box 138

DeWitt, Arkansas 72042





If you are unable to print this form, contact us and we will gladly mail or fax you a copy for your use.


Tribute Program

Ever need that “special present” to send for a graduation, birthday, anniversary or sympathy acknowledgement? Dana’s House Tribute Program accepts donations in honor of or in memory of an individual, and sends a Tribute Card acknowledging the gift to that special person, in your name. You may specify a particular program, or allow the gift to be used as needed.

You may use the Donation Form above to send donations for the Tribute Program.


Goods In Kind

Dana’s House, Inc. is in constant need of items and supplies. Any donation is welcome and greatly needed. If you would like to donate, we kindly ask that you follow these three simple guidelines:

1. Before you donate to us, call our office at 870-946-8303 between 8 am and 5 pm CST. This will allow us to schedule a drop-off appointment, take inventory of your donation, and plan for its use at the shelter.

2. Items may be shipped or dropped off at our offices during regular business hours, Monday—Friday, 8 am—5 pm: Dana’s House, Inc., 303 West Cross, DeWitt, Arkansas 72042. If you need us to pick up the donation, we will make every effort possible, but can not guarantee that service.

3. So that we may provide you with a tax receipt and thank you for you goods, please include the following information with your donation: your name, your address and a total estimated value of your items.



Many of our children in our care here are placed for an extended amount of time, without visits from any family members or friends.  A mentor is a stable role model in a child's life-- someone that they know cares about them.  Children with mentors have a better outlook on life, do better in school, and have better behavioral and emotional outcomes.  Mentors are especially important for our older residents, as they serve as a guide to help children begin to transition into adulthood by providing a stable connection to the community.  Mentoring can be as easy as visiting a child, phone calls, a trip out to eat, or going to a movie. 


Tapping Your Talents

Are you a teacher or former teacher? A lawyer, an accountant or a public relations professional? Do you speak different languages? Do you love cooking, sewing, reading or gardening? Are you a fitness expert or an arts and crafts whiz? Whatever your skills or passions, if you’re ready to share them, we want to make sure Dana’s House and its kids benefit from them. So, please be sure to let us know how we can use your expertise and interest to greatest use in our volunteer opportunities.


Getting Started

If you have never been to Dana’s House before and would like to become a volunteer, we ask that you schedule a 30-minute orientation by contacting our Administrator by phone at 870-946-8303. During the orientation, we’ll tell you more about our mission, introduce you to our staff and give you a brief tour of our facility.  Because security is one of our highest priorities, all volunteers that direct contact with children will be required to have a background check. This is a State Law requirement.


At Dana’s House, Inc. there are as many ways to help as there is work to be done. We invite our volunteers to create their own flexible volunteer schedule. Join us for an hour, an afternoon, an entire day or more—it’s up to you.

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