Dana’s House, Inc. is a 20-bed residential treatment facility for foster children located in Arkansas County, Arkansas.  We serve children from the age of newborn up to twenty-one years old. Our kids come from all over the county and state, with a special priority to kids from Arkansas County, in an effort to maintain family relationships, when possible, and school attendance.


It is the mission of Dana’s House to advocate for the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect and ensure that each child is given the opportunity to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. Dana’s House has served over 500 children placed in foster care since the year 2000.


Since its inception, Dana’s House has provided a multitude of services, including individual, group, and family counseling, tutoring and educational assistance, access to adequate health and dental care, mentoring, and access to attend weekly outings.


Lace up your tennis shoes and get ready to have some fun while raising money for our soon to open transitional living home!  You may choose from the 1 mile family run/walk or the 5K. The 5K will be a trail course on pavement, sidewalk, pea gravel and grass. The mile will be through the woods and around the pond. Come and see this little piece of paradise!! Sign up before April 29th to guarantee yourself a t-shirt. www.forthelongrun.weebly.com

Transitional Living Services offered through Dana’s House, Inc. will serve teens ages 17 through 21 that are on the path to aging out of care without a support system in place.  With the guidance of a life coach, and in collaboration with Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, Arkansas County Adult Education, and the Dewitt School District invaluable life and educational skills as well as a sense of independence will be instilled that is often misplaced as youth are moved from home to home within the foster care system.   The following services will be offered to youth that participate in transitional living services:  assessment and transitional plan development and review, life skills coaching, semi-supervised living, mentoring, educational support, career/job guidance, health care life skills, housing life skills, home management, interpersonal/social skills, money management skills, parenting skills, driving skills, crisis intervention, mental health services, emergency cash assistance, and weekly Bible study.  Without fundamental life skills and solid forever relationships with adult mentors the likelihood of success in life for foster youth is slim.  Transitional Living Services offered through Dana’s House, Inc. will serve to give foster youth the hand up they need to avoid becoming a negative statistic.   
Danas House Inc